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Yoga Sutras of Patanjali translated by Yogi Kalinath - Chapter 4, Verse 27

Pada 4, Sutra 27

Sanskrit Verse

Tac-chidresu pratyayaantaraani sanskaarebhyah


In the interval of that consciousness moving towards Liberation other latent subconscious mind impressions may arise due to carelessness.


If one relaxes one’s awareness on that Eternal Witness and hence lose temporary discernment between the Seer and the seen, latent (past) subconscious impressions may arise in awareness. One’s attitude towards the arising thoughts should be of utter detachment (one of non-judgement, non-justification and total disinterest). This is the real Jihad of the Islamic faith, reclaiming the Garden of Eden, bringing Heaven on Earth and the installation of the Temple not built by hands— meaning being established in the Self!


You are not your past neither are you the contents of your mind. You are the Atman, the Self, the Eternal Witness.


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