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My Philosophy as Universalism

In our politically correct society, God, religion and a host of other terms have become loaded words. Mind you, throughout history human beings seeking power and control through various religious agendas have not helped. On the contrary most faiths have become symbol of personal and collective oppression, often going against the grain of human and societal development, freedom of expression and progress on all fronts. Yet in essence religion, as per its etymology i.e. religare in Latin, to ‘link back’ implies its purpose as a system, a praxis to go within, discover and re-affirm our Divine Origin as a Spirit Soul. Spirit being what is termed as ‘The Mysteries’, without beginning nor end, pervading every-thing yet not confined nor restricted by any-thing implying that it is fully conscious and unlimited hence the meaning of God being OM-nipresent, OM-nipotent and OM-niscient. All revelations of ‘The Mysteries’ have both Universal and Timeless elements termed Perennial as well as messages that are ‘coloured’ by the era and environment at the time of revelation. I believe problems arise when individuals or groups focus more on the later than the former. The Spirit of the Law should always have precedence over the letter of the law. In my 30+ years of seeking after ‘The Mysteries’, travelling here and there, studying with various Teachers, receiving Initiations into the Western Mystery School, Yoga, Tantra and Shamanism as well as investigating and exploring various Religions, Spiritual Paths and Magickal Paths, both Right-Hand Path and Left-Hand Path together with entering Samadhi, experiencing the state of Shunya (‘Emptiness’), a full Kundalini Awakening, Darshan (‘Manifestation’) of Kali MA right before my very eyes and various Revelations directly from Spirit, I humbly offer to you my findings upon contemplation of ‘The Mysteries’. This contemplation upon ‘The Mysteries’ is a consolidation of all of those years of seeking in very simplistic terms. I have decided to call it my philosophy as Universalism. It is not absolute as nothing that is of our understanding in regards to the Absolute, which is another term for ‘The Mysteries’, can be absolute. World upon World, Light upon Light, ad Infinitum!!!

MY PHILOSOPHY – UNIVERSALISM There are 3 aspects of Self and the Universe. 1. The God-in-Me 2. The God-in-All 3. The Totality The Totality is nothing but the Ocean of Consciousness, called the Absolute, God the Father, Allah, Brahman – without beginning nor end, both manifest and un-manifest in all dimensions. It is also the power behind all things and inherent in all things yet not affected by any-thing. Just like Life feeds on Life, Consciousness also feeds on Consciousness. Waves on the surface of the Ocean of Consciousness give rise to time, space, objects and activities. These waves are called Mind and give rise to a perceived individuation from the Ocean. The God-in-Me which is also present in all Selves as the God-in-All whether animate or un-animate, manifest or un-manifest is a drop of that Ocean of Consciousness. Enlightenment is the Ocean becoming the drop. The drop going back to the Ocean is to become Eternal in God, the Totality. One Consciousness (God) – One Mind (the Presence of God) – One Body (the Universe) – One Substance (the Universal Life Force) Therefore there is no god but God. There is no self but the Self. And that Self is God in Expression.


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