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Yoga Sutras of Patanjali translated by Yogi Kalinath - Chapter 4, Verse 11

Pada 4, Sutra 11

Sanskrit Verse

Hetu-phalaashrayaalambanaih sangrheetatvaad esaam abhaave tad-abhaavah


Due to the interconnectedness of subliminal tendencies with cause and effect as their basis and support. If these are removed then so are the tendencies.


In order to have an effect (karma), cause must be there. When Consciousness becomes the individual mind and identifies itself as the mind and its impressions, then subliminal tendencies or Vasanas are created and become tied to what is called the Wheel of Samsara or the Wheel of Cause and Effect.

Due to how these factors are intricately linked, they (the subliminal tendencies) cannot be eliminated directly however these can be attenuated and eventually removed by reduced involvement in, and not identifying with, them.


The source of all of our afflictions in our psyche is due to the identification with our subconscious tendencies. Due to this self-created illusion called Avidya or existential ignorance, we temporarily lose awareness of our true nature and source of our being as Purusa or undefiled Consciousness itself.

Avidya or ignorance is the seed of all of the Pancha Kleshas or the Five Afflictions, being:

1. Avidya or existential ignorance, ignorance of our true nature as Purusha

2. Asmita or ego, identification as an entity that is created from an aggregate of name, form and memory

3. Raga or attraction, attraction to what is pleasant to the ego

4. Dwesha or repulsion, repulsion to what is unpleasant to the ego

5. Abhinivesha or fear of death, fear of death being the ultimate identity crisis of the ego plunging into the unknown, the fear of dissolution and non-existence

We are both the problem and the solution. Our biggest problem is our incessant self-talk and our erroneous identification with the self-inflating and self-deprecating ego personality.

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