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Yoga Sutras of Patanjali translated by Yogi Kalinath - Chapter 3, Verse 51

Pada 3, Sutra 51

Sanskrit Verse

Sthaanyupanimantrane sanga-smayaa-karanam punar-anista-prasangaat


Upon the invitation of the highly placed, there should be no cause for attachment or pride, because of the renewed and undesired inclination.


As the mind becomes more able to absorb itself in mystical trance (Samadhi), it will reach and encounter rarefied states including contact with heavenly beings and spheres. As sublime and enticing these may be, the Yogin must not become fixated in those realms of consciousness as it will stun his/her progress towards further unfoldment as a Jivan Mukta or Liberated being.

Attachment on the spiritual path becomes more and more subtle. Vigilance in our discernment must ever be there. Every phenomenon from the grossest to the subtlest belongs to the ephemeral including all the heavenly spheres and its inhabitants. Only Brahman and Atman are eternally changeless. On this basis and upon its true understanding can there be any cause for neither attachment nor pride within the realm of any personal experience.


Reflect below upon the Sannyas Mantra, the Mantra of Renunciation. Ultimately renunciation is not about giving up anything but detachment from I, My and Mine.

AUM BHU Sannnyastam maya

I renounce everything in this earthly world

AUM BHUVAH Sannyastam maya

I renounce everything in the astral plane

AUM SWAHA Sannyastam maya

I renounce everything in the heavenly plane


I renounce everything in these three planes: earthly, astral and heavenly.

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