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Renunciation in Nepal and Freedom to go beyond the beyond

My pilgrimage to Nepal, the Land of the Gods, culminated in two major Initiations. Both ultimately with no definition nor destination.

The first occurred in the closest place to Paradise on Earth one will ever experience and that is Osho Tapoban. Osho Tapoban is a Himalayan commune located in the Nagarjun Hills just outside of Kathmandu.

The commune is truly a Buddha field and inspired by the contemporary enlightened and rebel mystic Osho. Bodhisattva Swami Anand Arun, an Osho disciple of 50 years, is the founder and coordinator of Osho Tapoban.

I have always admired Osho's work and its deep insights. After spending two weeks at the idealistic cadre of Osho Tapoban meditating intensely for several hours daily, I decided to take neo-Sannyas. On 14th April 2019, I was initiated as Swami Shiva Prem.

My stay and initiation at Osho Tapoban has provided the vision and inspired me to offer Meditation, Enlightenment and Freedom Intensive Camps. More information is provided on the camps under the Service section of the web page.

The second initiation was a Self-dedication Vow of Renunciation that took place at the Pashupatinath Temple on 24th April 2019. A full head and eyebrow shave with my hair gifted to the Bagmati river and Shiva Lingam at the Pashupatinath Smashan (Cremation Grounds) as well as to the Murthi of Dr Ramnath Aghori Baba at the Cremation compound of his elderly disciple, Tyaginath Baba who is said to be 125 years old.

This was a symbolic gesture of entering the Path of the Avadhuta, one without designation nor destination, a Path of Untrammeled Freedom and Unconventional Wisdom.

The following is a syllable wise explanation of the A-va-dhoo-ta.

A- the letter A of Avadhoot signifies freedom from bondage of desire and purity in all 3 Dimensions and times i.e. past present and future and infinite bliss.

VA- stands for one who resides in present without any botheration about the past and future i.e. one whose broken the shackles of Karma Vasana.

DHOO- stands for complete mastery over mind and body and freedom from all malas.

TA- stands for constant contemplation of Atma Tattva i.e.delving in Agya Chakra and ultimately the Higher Self.

As I have previously taken Initiation in the Kaula Sampradaya, the appropriate path in this instance is the one of the Kulavadhuta. The Kulavadhuta has the freedom to be, do or have anything as he or she is not attached to any-thing, concepts, beliefs or principles.

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