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Yoga Sutras of Patanjali translated by Yogi Kalinath - Chapter 2, Verse 52

Pada 2, Sutra 52

Sanskrit Verse

Tatah ksheeyate prakaashaavaranam


As a consequence, the covering of the Inner Light is dissolved.


Prana, the Life-Force is intimately linked to the Mind. Making this link conscious through the practice of Pranayama or Life-Force control through mastery of the breath results in the mind becoming purified.

Once both the physical vehicle (body) and the subtle vehicle (Mind) are stabilized, purified and aligned through Yama, Niyama, Asana and Pranayama , the covering (due to the ignorance between the Real and the temporal) of the Inner Light of Consciousness is removed.


The Mind is an extension and projection of Consciousness, and the physical vehicle being the container for the Mind to express itself is an extension and projection of Mind.

When Mind is divested of thoughts and impressions, it reflects the Light of Consciousness itself.

The subtle body being the energetic vehicle of the mind becomes the Body of Light once it embraces and becomes absorbed unreservedly into the Light of Consciousness.

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