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Yoga Sutras of Patanjali translated by Yogi Kalinath - Chapter 2, Verse 48

Pada 2, Sutra 48

Sanskrit Verse

Tato dvandvaanabhighaatah


From that (relaxed state of Asana), cessation of affliction from the pairs of opposites.


When both body (through stability and ‘at ease’ with one’s posture) and mind (by going deeper within and surrendering to the posture becoming one with it) are relaxed then absorption into the Here and Now is a possibility. In the true concept of Here and Now, a bridge has first to be made between body and mind and self (body/mind) and non-self (one’s environment).

The bridge is then dissolved when the mind merges with the body and the body/mind complex (self) merges with the environment (non-self).

This is a process of going beyond or at least putting on hold the influence of the dvandvas or pairs of opposites perceived as duality by the dualistic material and mechanical brain by holding a steady and comfortable posture in one spot with full awareness. The mind then experiences ekagrata or one-pointedness being absorbed into the configuration of the Asana and then beyond. In that momentary state, the pair of opposites such hot or cold, pleasure and pain disappear.


Holding on and becoming absorbed into the Asana is important. But it needs to be done regularly in order to create more than just a momentary state within us. We seek transformation and transcendence and hence the importance of regular daily Spiritual Practice (Sadhana) and the true magical formula of the three “Rs” being: Regularity, Rhythm and Repetition.

With practice you will gain control over the physical body which will bring about an influx of psychic energy. This is due to the steadiness and total relaxation gained in both body and mind which conserves a lot of energy facilitating power from the Subtle Body to come through our physical and mental being much more readily.

Much willpower can be developed in this way. But remember that ultimately what we seek is Skill in Action (through service to others) and Freedom in Consciousness.

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