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Yoga Sutras of Patanjali translated by Yogi Kalinath - Chapter 2, Verse 42

Pada 2, Sutra 42

Sanskrit Verse

Santosaad anuttamah sukha-laabhah


Owing to contentment, unexcelled joy is attained.


Contentment is true happiness. Being fulfilled right here, right now! Life is made up of time, and time is composed of moments. The secret to happiness is to be totally present and grateful for each moment as it may be our last. This is the true magic of life, not knowing which moment is our last. It is only the ego which wants to control everything and fears the unknown. The Spirit is always present, always in the NOW as its existence is eternal. Spirit has its existence in the eternal moment eternally. It is only the illusory ego which exists in the past and future. So contentment and true enduring happiness does not have any adjectives or adverbs associated with them. They are not dependent on any ‘ifs’ or ‘whens’. This can be realized and one becoming established in ever-deepening contentment when the state of no-thought is experienced on a regular basis in meditation and through deep contemplation on Truth distinguishing between the perennial and the ephemeral. This will give rise to joy unexcelled.


Make a conscious choice to go beyond likes and dislikes. Relinquish control and embrace what is. What life offers you, how it presents itself moment to moment is perfect for your learning, perfect for your evolution as a human and spiritual being. Melt into the present moment and uncover the inherent richness of being.

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