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Yoga Sutras of Patanjali translated by Yogi Kalinath - Chapter 2, Verse 39

Pada 2, Sutra 39

Sanskrit Verse

Aparigraha-sthairye janma-kathantaa-sambodhah


Upon a foundation of non-possessiveness, the understanding of the wherefore of birth.


The foundation of non-possessiveness is not to be possessed or attached to any possessions. The question we should ask ourselves is: do we possess our possessions or do they possess us?

Everything is here for our use and enjoyment and not for our misuse or abuse. The goal of life is not acquisition, the purchase and accumulation of goods and chattel but the unravelling of our True Nature as Spirit Souls and to express who we are in Essence (our Swadharma).

Greed is an unnatural state based on a profound fear of lack. It is symptomatic of filling an internal void by external material wealth and goods. This existential void can only be remedied by the unveiling and rediscovery of the Inner Self. And re-uniting with that Inner Self is what is called Yoga.

When we release attachment to the material world and instead become attached to the journey of inner discovery, the Inner Self will become more and more apparent as the veils of Samskaras are lifted. Deep subconscious memories emerge as the veils of Samskaras are lifted revealing past lives impressions.

The next phase is a more subtle and more difficult one to undertake and that is to be non-possessive, non-attached, non-grasping of both the impressions that are secreted and released from the mind as well as any new thought processes emerging from the mind. One will then come to understand the temporary existence of both external (gross materialism) and internal (subtle materialism) phenomenal existence.


Non-possessiveness of gross (material phenomena) and subtle (phenomena of the psyche) existence will free one from the Wheel of Samsara (conditioned existence). Furthermore, discriminating between ephemeral (body and mind) and perennial (Eternal Existentialism as the Spirit Soul) existence will allow one to plan one’s future lives from this present life. Our future is truly built in the Here and Now. It is consciously making the difference between living life by design rather than by default.

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