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Yoga Sutras of Patanjali translated by Yogi Kalinath - Chapter 2, Verse 22

Pada 2, Sutra 22

Sanskrit Verse

Krtaarham prati nastam apyanastam tad anya-saadhaaranatvaat


Even though the seen has ceased to exist for the Seer who has reached the goal of liberation, it remains real to all other beings due to being a common experience to others.


The seen, Nature, the Universe is real. It is just impermanent in that all objects change state in the dimension of space and time. In comparison the Self Within as Pure Consciousness is the only constant, untouched, unblemished, perennial ,Witnessing the Divine Play at hand.

To the Seer who has become liberated or Self-realized realizing that the Self Within as their True Nature, no longer identifies with the ephemeral and being psychologically and psychically at the mercy of ever-changing fluctuating internal and external landscapes. However to others who are yet to be liberated, the seen remains real in its impact on their mind and awareness.

Reflection and Practice

There are three steps that can be practiced to facilitate the Seer experiencing the stage of Liberation.

First Step: dis-identify with the body. You are not the body. It is a vehicle for Consciousness to express itself. It is all around you but is not you. Just like when sitting in your car driving, taking you from one place to another, you are not the car, you don’t identify yourself as your car, likewise the body is your covering that takes you place to place over the journey called life.

Second Step: dis-identify with your mind. Your thoughts and mind impressions are constantly changing just like the traffic when driving. Just like you become aware of the traffic, you witness what is happening on the road, likewise you witness your ever-changing thoughts and anything that you can witness is not you. You are the Witness witnessing.

Third Step: emotions or e-motions are energies in motion. Witness your feelings, emotions and moods. They have a certain quality and create a certain motion within us. Witness them at that level, don’t judge them or justify them, just witness them.

By practicing the above, you will naturally and increasingly identify with the Witness Within, you will become the Seer and stop identifying with the seen. When this becomes total you will be liberated, have realized in totality the Self Within.

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