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Yoga Sutras of Patanjali translated by Yogi Kalinath - Chapter 2, Verse 12

Pada 2, Sutra 12

Sanskrit Verse

Klesha-moolah karmaashayo drstaadrsta-janma-vedaneeyah


The reservoir of Karmas which are rooted in the Kleshas (afflictions) is experienced in seen/ gross (present) and unseen / subtle (future) existence.


Through ignorance (of our True Nature) and emotional attachment to temporality, we are driven to think, feel and act in certain ways reinforcing the existence of an illusory self with its attendant attraction and aversion to certain activities and circumstances, constantly filling the buckets on the wheel and irrigating the field of Samsara. These deeds that drive us create subconscious subliminal attractors called Karmas that must come to fruition either in this current life or in a future life through the process of reincarnation either on this plane (physical) or the next (astral). In other words the Kleshas are the vehicles for our Karmas, whether pleasant or unpleasant, to manifest themselves.


The reservoir of Karmas are rooted in the Kleshas, the Five Afflictions.

Therefore dig at the roots instead of emotionally reacting to your circumstances. Living life by default is constructing a prison for yourself as well as being the jailed and the jailer. In actuality the jailed and the jailor are no different, one and the same as they are both inside of the prison system (i.e. fully identified with the body and mind, and its fictitious ever-so fragile and vacillating sense of self). It starts with discipline (of body, mind, speech and emotions) combined with regular Spiritual Practice such as daily Meditation.

The Soul attached to a Human Being goes through several evolutionary processes: from the animal-man to thinking-man to noble-man and to the God-man. The animal-man lives largely by and for his instincts and appetites, the thinking-man starts to put things into perspective, the noble-man values character above all things and only in the God-man is he free of the tentacles of the Kleshas and hence of Karma, favorable or unfavorable. He has transcended his mortal frame and the limitations of the mind by totally immersing in and surrendering to the Divinity within all things. He is an incarnated Being that is truly free, he is a Jiva-Mukta.

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