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Harmonious living is the bedrock of health. Life is never static and requires constant adjustments in order to maintain balance (which is another definition of harmony). For health to be maintained, one needs to be in harmony with one's body, environment, Universal Laws, activities, seasons and live a life of congruence (with beliefs, intentions, desires, thoughts, emotions, speech and actions aligned). When this is not the case or when we suffer one of life's potential traumas, we experience dis-ease or dis-harmony. These can cause various malfunctions both in the body and the mind as well as in certain circumstances cause blockages and stagnant energy both in our physical and energy bodies.

Spiritual Healing is designed to facilitate the removal of these blockages and promote the free flow of energy within the individual until Harmony is re-established and hence promote health, whether that is physical, mental or emotional health.

Spiritual Healing is not a substitute for seeking professional medical advice or treatment. Whatever treatment you are receiving or meant to receive, Spiritual Healing will complement it and either provide you at best with an acceleration of your body and mind's own natural healing abilities or at the very least give you added comfort and support.

Yogi Kalinath may use any of the following to facilitate internal energy shifts and promote harmony in the body and the mind:

*Psychodynamic Bodywork

*Marma Therapy

*Yoga Therapy

*Bija and Healing Mantras

*Healing Fire Ceremonies - where the smoke and ash from the Fire can have healing properties


*Kundalini Reiki

*Spiritual Aromatherapy based on Sufi Healing

*Phurba healing and blessing ritual

*Tantra healing processes

*Spiritual Counselling and Lifestyle changes

Local and distance healing available. To discuss your needs, email Yogi Kalinath at or call

0430 089 073.

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