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Life can be a challenge at times. Facing those challenges is what makes us strong and opens the door to successful living.

Tantra does not differentiate between the inner and the outer, and the spiritual and the material. The inner/spiritual is the cause (source) while the outer/material is the effect (condition).

The universe is considered to be the body of the Divine while the human body is considered to be the vehicle of the Spirit, the Inner Self. We are in effect spiritual beings having a human experience. Failure to recognize this or forgetting it is the source of all of our suffering.

Yogi Kalinath uses sonic vibrations (Mantras) and the transmuting power of Fire to affect both the energy of circumstances and of your own aura to facilitate the attraction of favorable conditions in your life and repel undesirable ones. He also provides Spiritual and real Life Coaching guidance to ensure you think and act in accordance with your intended objectives. Mantras and Fire Ceremonies are the fuel to transform your mind and drive you to positive action while the Spiritual and Life Coaching guidance gear your mind and actions to plan your work and work your plan.

The ultimate aim is ongoing success and peace of mind.

The above does not negate the individual seeking professional advice first and taking responsibility. Yogi Kalinath also reserves the right to deny assistance where the request is deemed to be unethical or divines that he cannot positively affects the requisite change.

Whether your needs are monetary, educational, professional, opportunities, marital, relationships, love, house/business cleansing and blessings, Yogi Kalinath can assist you locally or by distance. Discuss your needs by writing to Yogi Kalinath at or by calling 0430 089 073.

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