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The ultimate aim of human incarnation is Self-Realization. We have all the necessary resources within us to achieve this. What veils this truth is our programming (past lives, in the womb, childhood, society and religion) and our distorted thinking.

Spiritual Practices from tested lineages given by a bona fide Teacher as well as a mirror held by such a qualified Spiritual Mentor to reflect back to us both our short comings and hidden splendor is what is required to rediscover and reclaim our God/dess-Self.

Yogi Kalinath can provide you the Teachings, methodology and support on this wondrous journey, however this cannot be done effectively without the individual taking responsibility and assiduously doing their Spiritual Practices daily.

Taking responsibility implies doing one's best of living a life of

integrity where one's thoughts, words (including one's self-talk) and actions are aligned to the highest good for self and others.

This requires courage and living life with increased awareness and honesty.

There is no Tantra without Sadhana or concerted Spiritual Practice and since there is no Tantra without Mantra either, much of Sadhana is Japa (repetition of Mantra on Mala beads) as well as other practices such as (where appropriate depending on capacity, ability, understanding and aptitude of the person practicing) Asana, Pranayama, Dharana, Meditation Practices, Fire Ceremonies, Pujas, Deity Yoga and various other ritual processes. Some Sadhana needs to be done daily while others need to be done on specific days, times or events or to fulfill certain circumstances.

Kali Bhavan has two main community gathering, one open to the general public for those who feel an attraction to the Supreme Goddess Kali MA and Classical/Traditional Tantra. A Fire Ceremony is conducted in honor of MA monthly on the Saturday night closest to the New Moon.

Kali Bhavan also celebrates other key Hindu Festivals such as Navaratri and Shivaratri.

The other community gathering is among students who have been instructed by Yogi Kalinath on how to properly chant the AUM Mantra and that for a full Mala. Those dedicated students meet fortnightly at Kali Bhavan to chant and meditate together bringing and embracing a sense of togetherness in Brahman Consciousness.

Apart from these community gatherings, spiritual development is very much an individual task and an individual journey. This is why Kalinath's approach will vary according to the individual's needs. Spiritual Mentoring is a Cosmic Dance between the Teacher and the student, and a journey from the alone to the All-One.

If you are interested in going on this wondrous journey and feel ready to do so then email or call

0430 089 073 for more information.

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