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Greetings seekers of Liberation, Bliss and True Self-empowerment.

Experience your true potential and master your life with the empowering spiritual technology of the Yogis and Tantricks.

AshA Eidolon, Applied Urban Shamanism

“Yogi Kalinath is in the business of creating Masters, not followers.  He is relentless in his commitment to this standard: empowering each individual student with the tools, techniques and guidance necessary to work a suitable path towards self-Mastery and ultimately Self-Realization.  I have experienced real benefits such as: self-healing, increased physical power / mental strength and an ever deepening sense of communion with the Divine just to name a few."
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Baba has been practicing Eastern Spirituality for the past 30 years, Teaching for 20 years and Initiating spiritual aspirants in Mantra Deeksha and Tantra Sadhana in the last 15 years.

Guruji is a fervent devotee of the Divine Mother as Kali MA.

Baba teaches internationally either in person or remotely using available technology.

Guruji is a sought-after speaker on Hindu Dharma and spiritual topics.

His motto is that 'there is no self but the Self.'

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Baba offers to suitable candidates Mantra Deeksha for spiritual development and life mastery.

To the more advanced spiritual aspirant and dedicated student of life, Baba initiates into Nath Aghori, Kapalik and Kaula Tantra Lineages (Guru Parampara).

As part of the Initiation into a Living Tradition (Guru Parampara), the aspirant will need to assiduously do their Practice daily (Sadhana) and pay homage to the Gurus of the Tradition.

More often than not, an Apprenticeship precedes Initiation.

To apply for Initiation, please scroll down and complete the  Contact Form below.

Aghor Naga Peeth - Baba Yogi Kalinath Ag


Apprenticeship is offered to those who truly value their spiritual flowering and unfolding their potential in daily life.

The aim of the spiritual path is realizing the Self Within and within all selves.  

There is no self but the Self and that Self is known by various names such as Atman, Brahman and the Divine Being.

Apprenticeship is either in person or by distance through emails, WhatsApp, Zoom video conferences, voice and short video recordings, and Messenger Chats.

Monthly recurring payment through Paypal is required.

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                          SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE AND HEALING

Guidance and Healing from a spiritual perspective can come in many forms.

This includes public talks on Sanatana Dharma and various spiritual topics to elevate the spirit and educate the mind as well as specific methodologies such as Spiritual Counselling, Tantrick Rituals, Meditations (passive and dynamic), Chakra Balancing, Marma Therapy and Kundalini Reiki, and Mantra Healing for the individual.

The aim is to reestablish the individual as an indivisible whole (Holy-istic Healing).

Please scroll down and complete the Contact form below to state your specific needs.  A return response with quoted fees will be forwarded to you within 48 hours.

Tantrick Numerology

                              VEDIC NUMEROLOGY 

Vedic Numerology offered by Baba Krishnakali Das Aghori is not fortune telling neither  does Baba practice or support jadoo of any sort.

Vedic Numerology is a sub-branch of Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) known as Anka Vignyam or Wisdom of Numbers.

The whole Universe and its various phenomena vibrate.  Those vibrations create geometry (points, lines and shapes) known as Yantra which can inherently be reduced to numbers.

Life is therefore esoterically composed of numbers according to the vibrations of its expressions.

Vedic Numerology is designed to answer the three fundamental questions of existence:

- Who are we?

- Why are we here?

- Where are we going?

A reading includes :

-Dharma Marga (Birth Path)

-Karma Yuga (Cycle of Action and Reaction)

-Nama Darshana (Name Analysis)

-Insights into career, relationships, health, spirituality

-and a lot more.

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Forest Home


Experience 3, 5 or 7 days retreats in Nature.  These Intensive Camps are led and facilitated by Guruji himself, an experienced and accomplished meditator of 30 years.

The techniques and Teachings at these Retreats are greatly inspired from the contemporary enlightened mystic and rebel Osho and Guruji's own experience.

The camps are a great opportunity to develop mindfulness, have breakthroughs and dramatically boost your Spiritual Practice.

On the last day of the camps, Guruji will provide you with tips and tricks to ensure you take away, nurture and grow the benefits you have  received from the Retreat.

To register your interest in participating in our Meditation, Enlightenment and Freedom Intensive Camps please scroll down and complete the Contact Form below.

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Please use Contact form below and provide as much detail as possible in regards to the Service(s) you are interested in.


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