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Create yourself and your life? Mold your destiny? Balance your life? Live your passion? Master your self? Achieve success on your own terms? self-actualize and self-realize?

If YES to any of the above then Spiritual and Life Mastery Coaching is for you!!!


Spirit is One and we and everything else in the Universe is Spirit in Expression.

We are all born with certain talents, aspirations, search for meaning, desire to consciously contribute to Existence including leaving behind a legacy.  

We each have our part to play in this wonderful drama and comedy that is life.  Being authentic to oneself as well as living one's own values is fundamental to happiness and personal fulfillment that goes well beyond the moment.  In Eastern philosophy it is called doing one's swadharma or dharma (duty) to the self.  There is no higher expression than this individually, collectively and globally!


Baba has 30 years experience studying, practicing and teaching Yoga, Tantra and various healing and esoteric modalities as well as an equal number of years in the corporate world and running his own microbusinesses.  He is a certified Life Coach and has successfully applied his wealth of experience and tested methodologies globally.

Price quoted above is for one hour coaching session.  Please enquire about our 3 months coaching plan which includes per month one hour coaching session via Zoom, two half hour phone calls via WhatsApp and unlimited emails.


Spiritual and Life Mastery Coaching

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