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What is the Vaishnav Aghor Panth?

The Vaishnav Aghor Panth is a Spiritual Path that was once practiced at the Smashan on the banks of the Ganga in Kashi. It is a devotional path followed by Shiva as Bhairav, the skull carrier and instigator of the Kapalik sect of Shaivites, the precursors to the Aghoris.

In the Bhavagatam Purana, also known as the Fifth Veda, Shiva is described and ascribed as the best of Vaishnavites or Devotee of Hari, the Supreme Being as Divine Love and Bliss personified.

In fact it is said in the Garga Samhita that Lord Shiva lost his mind when He caught glimpse of the beauty of Sri Krishna:

‘Radha said: Gazing at Krishna's dark handsomeness, Shiva became attached to Him. Giving up all normal happiness, Shiva now walks and runs about like a madman, wearing matted hair, drinking poison, covered with ashes and decorated with snakes and skulls’ Garga Samhita 2.18.23

The aim of all Aghori Paths is to reach the stage of Avadhut, a being who has transcended all duality (only in duality consciousness can there be Ghor or fear therefore Aghora is the inner state that is simple, natural and not terrible) and is beyond all concepts qualifying for Moksha or Liberation.

The adherent of the Vaishnav Aghor way adds another ingredient which partakes of the Ultimate Sweetness - devotional intoxication riding upon the waves of Untrammeled Freedom.

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and PDF intro doc: What is the Vaishnav Aghor Panth?

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