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Yoga Sutras of Patanjali translated by Yogi Kalinath - Chapter 1 Verse 4

Pada 1, Sutra 4

Sanskrit Verse

Vrtti-sarupyam itaratra


Otherwise, one remains identified with the fluctuations (of the mind stuff)


One either abides in the essence, witnessing in a detached manner (without the emotions being drawn either here nor there) the changes that are occurring within one’s mind and around self in the unfolding of daily life moment to moment or otherwise loses sight of the seer within and remains identified with the contents of one’s mind. In other words, when we identify with our emotions and become absorbed in our thoughts and memories (as truths), we lose sight of what is ever there from the beginning of time (and to the end of time) - the Self, Our Eternal Companion. This is why it is stated that the Original Sin and the Root of Suffering is Forgetting, forgetting the Self.

The mind and its contents it identifies with (thoughts, images, emotions, memories, programming, indoctrination, beliefs) fashioned into an illusory self becomes the limited, constricted and fragile ego. The Real Self (the Eternal) is never lost, it is the mind losing sight of the Self due to identifying itself with the perishable and the temporal creating a fictitious identity in the process.

Contemplation: Nothing lasts, therefore develop detachment especially to whatever ‘bubbles up’ in your consciousness. Be ever vigilant not to react to both your internal and external worlds in an emotional manner (especially when you know these will throw you off balance). Serve others as the Self (remembering that the Self in you is also the Self in all others), whether family, friends, colleagues, clients or strangers.

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